On behalf of my fellow directors and staff, welcome to Charles Tennant & Co (NI) Ltd herunterladen.

As you may be aware, we are involved in a wide range of activities at bases in Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Alcester and Bristol sap programm herunterladen.

The Integrated Management System we use throughout our operations ensures that all of our products and services are maintained to the highest standards possible, and we take great pride in how we address the needs of our customers and suppliers alike steuerformulare 2017 kostenlos herunterladen.

As you explore our site we hope you find something in the range of products and services on offer to be attractive and profitable and we look forward to responding to your enquiries in due course br mediathek film herunterladen.

Dr R A Peden
Managing Director

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With a proud heritage, dating back well over 200 years, the name Tennants has stood the test of time.

The original Charles Tennant, a weaver by trade and friend of the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns, patented the process of using lime and chlorine gas to bleach linen in 1788.

Charles Tennant and Co, first registered in Glasgow in 1797, was one of the largest industrial complexes during the industrial revolution, including the famous ‘Tennant Stalk’, a 450 ft. high chimney which dominated the Glasgow landscape.

Due to the importance of linen in Ireland, Charles Tennant first opened an office in Belfast in 1805 and Dublin in 1810 and have been trading continuously ever since.

Charles Tennant & Co (NI) Ltd and Tennants Tar Distillers & Engineering Supplies Ltd were later incorporated in 1945.

Tennants have always sought to add value to trading partners and were involved in the formation of such companies as ICI, Rio Tinto Zinc and Ebano Oil Company (later to become Esso).

Charles Tennant and Co. (NI) Ltd (CTNI), today trades as part of the TENNANTS CONSOLIDATED group of companies, currently active, mainly in the manufacture and distribution of chemicals, on most continents of the world.

CTNI is managed in the following distinct trading groups:

Bitumen Division (t/a Tennants Bitumen)
Building Division (t/a Tennants Building Products and Walls & Ceilings International)
Chemical Division
Fertiliser Division

A full list of management accreditations and policies are detailed elsewhere on the site and are administered from our head office at 9 Airport Road West, Belfast.