Chemical & Food Division

We offer a comprehensive range of general & speciality chemicals, together with a diverse range of functional food ingredients.

This portfolio affords us the opportunity to service the high standards & exacting specifications required by a broad cross section of the Northern Ireland manufacturing industry . With our highly trained workforce & support from our principals, we are ideally placed to service the needs of local industry.

Our Products

Over many years of representing some of the world’s major  manufacturers, we have built up a specialist knowledge in serving local industry in the following areas:

  • Pigments for the construction industry – Various colours in powders and granules
  • Specialist clean label nature based food ingredients (pectin, xanthium gum, CMC, carrageenan)
  • Greenox AdBlue supplied in bulk to small pack, AdBlue storage tanks and equipment
  • White oils for pharmaceutical / cosmetics
  • Silicones for food / industrial
  • Surfactants for hygiene / textile
  • Industrial and specialist plastic containers
  • Industrial denatured alcohol/isopropanol
  • Specialist food flavourings
  • Specialist solvents and resins
  • Sodium alginate and calcium chloride used in the food industry
  • Industrial bitumen chemical solutions
  • Various other chemicals such as formaldehyde, methanol, granular salt, glycerine, mono propylene glycol, acetone etc…

Greenox Solutions

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Stanley Hamilton – Division Manager

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