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Understanding the needs of business for over 200 years

Bitumen Division

We import and process bitumen for supply to our customers, mainly for use in the road construction industry

Building Division

We are a key distributor of market leading building materials from major manufacturers.

Chemical & Food Division

We offer a comprehensive range of general and speciality chemicals, together with a diverse range of functional food ingredients.

Fertiliser Division

We operate modern packaging and distribution centres in the Belfast Harbour Estate and Ringaskiddy Port, Cork

On behalf of my fellow directors and staff, welcome to Charles Tennant & Co (NI) Ltd.

As you may be aware, we are involved in a wide range of activities at bases in Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Alcester and Bristol.

The Integrated Management System we use throughout our operations ensures that all of our products and services are maintained to the highest standards possible, and we take great pride in how we address the needs of our customers and suppliers alike.

As you explore our site we hope you find something in the range of products and services on offer to be attractive and profitable and we look forward to responding to your enquiries in due course.

Tim Glenn

Managing Director – Roads & Construction

Charles Tennant & Co (NI) Ltd.

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Standards & Responsibility

Here at Tennants we strive to be the best at what we do and continually look for ways in which we can improve the quality and range of our products and services .

Key to achieving these things are the people that work with us and the policies that bind them, alongside our commitment to the highest standards of health, safety, welfare, quality & environmental management .

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1. Health & Safety

Tennants accepts its responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Order 1978 / Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 and other relevant legislation and it is our policy to do all that is reasonably practicable to ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees whilst at work, customers, independent contractors, agency contractors and those who may be affected by the company’s activities.

2. Data Protection & Security

Charles Tennant & Co (NI) Ltd, Tennants Building Products Ltd, Charles Tennant & Co (Cork) Ltd, and Walls & Ceilings International Ltd (Tennants) have a comprehensive GDPR Compliance Programme across all areas of the business where personal data is held and processed. A full information audit has been carried out and policies and procedures are in place to form our GDPR Policy, which is designed to that we meet our accountability obligations and requirements, as well as all other new or updated requirements.

The programme is overseen by our Data Protection Officers, Catherine Simmons (Tennants) and Julian Workman (Walls & Ceilings) and the Data Protection Steering Committee.

3. Welfare & Equality

We are an Equal Opportunities Employer, committed to ensuring that the talents and resources of all our employees are utilised to the full. We will not discriminate unfairly against any individual in matters of recruitment or selection for any position, promotion, development or training on the grounds of age, perceived religious or political affiliation, sex, marital status, disability, colour, sexual orientation, race or ethnic origins.

4. Environmental Responsibility

Charles Tennant & Co (NI) Ltd has been assessed and registered by NQA against the provisions of ISO 14001:2015 for the administration of the Environmental Management System for the distribution and sale of building materials, the packaging of fertiliser products, the supply of chemicals and the production and supply of bituminous binders.

This registration is subject to the company maintaining the environmental management system for which the accreditation was given by the awarding body and is monitored by NQA.

Our Services

CTNI is managed in the following distinct trading groups:

Expertise & experience you can rely upon

With a proud heritage, dating back well over 200 years, the name Tennants has stood the test of time.


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